Shimmy Therapy on Planet Zoom

It's been awhile since I've posted in this space. The time has come to take up the blog mantle once again.

The creative force has been flowering up through the cracks of uncertainty all around the globe.

The imagination is now at the heart of many of our days, and is currently guiding my lesson plans for dance on planet zoom. Here are some prompts I invited students to respond to during breaks in class last Wednesday April 15, 2020.

Imagine you wake up one morning and realize as you sllde your limbs on silken sheets that you are an actual goddess. Your only responsabilities are to express reverence for your true unique spirit and to treat yourself in such as a way to grow your radiance to infinity. What will your morning ritual be? What would you say to yourself in the morning instead of what you normally think about - what would your goddess mantra be? How would you anoint your body and carry yourself differently than you might do now?

#2. You, goddess, are requested to dance the dance of your soul at a setting of your choosing for other loving light entities. The setting/locatiuon of your dance is entirely your choice and is limited only by your imagination. You could be dancing anywhere in the universe or world - natural or human made, entirely invented. The contexts could even shift as you danced. Where is this place for you? Where would you feel the absolute most expansive or sacred or goddess-y or happy or YOU-y? What would the surface of the ground be like under your feet? What would surround you? How would you feel? And what would you do to refresh yourself after your dance….

#3. (This gem was adapted for our class from a fantastic book called “Making Magic: weaving together the every day and the extraordinary”) Take the next few shimmies to consider what you may have taken inside yourself today - from food to problems not your own to another’s attitude you don’t share - that needs to be flushed now? Write is down - then bless your water and take a sip. It is FLUSHED!

Health and healing to you all,