Spring 2016 Recital Speech

Sacha and I began Moody Street Circus over seven years ago. We had until then been performing and teaching circus and belly dance all around the world for decades. We had never committed to such stability (read: signed a lease), and we had no clear idea of how things would go. We had faith in our instincts and in the name Moody Street Circus. With that name, I wanted to encompass both the grounded notion of place - Moody Street, Waltham, MA - Here We Land! Our chosen neighborhood! - and the circular sense of circus (from the ancient Greek kirkos, meaning circle/ring) as community as much as artful, athletic entertainment. One of the powerful aspects of the circus is that the audience, organized in a circle around the circus ring, becomes part of the action. Positive emotions are amplified as audience members see each others' faces on the other side of the ring, laughing and enjoying the spectacle. Though in the studio we are not organized as a ring, the space has nonetheless become a community beyond anything we could have conceived when we started out. I have never put down roots in any one place with such a dedicated purpose for so long to be able to relish the sweet and tender flowers that blossom from that planting! It has all been unexpectedly wondrous. In this studio we have experienced the circle of life, the fruits of true community. We have supported one another through celebrations and hardships, witnessing new lives entering our tribe and mourning beautiful souls who have moved on to another dimension. We feel privileged to be part of so many people's lives and artful journeys in circus and belly dance. We are honored by the families that choose to bring their children to grow with us, year after year. Thank you all for coming and please enjoy the show - featuring our beautiful, flourishing flowers!